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Movies and Movie Recommendations

I haven't been watching as many films lately...but I've got some to share.Read more...Collapse )

Bad Management

I've been at my current job since I graduated college back in '09. I moved up in the ranks kind of. I got my master's I thought that was going to help me start a career - but first semester in - I already knew it wasn't going to help. I got an internship at my current job, a management internship, and I was enjoying the work for the most part, I got along with my manager about 80% of the time. The other 20% is just really shitty communication. I had the opportunity to apply for a management position, but after another bout of shitty communication - I realized how unhappy I would be if I had to interact with this guy on a daily basis. It was funny - I was talking to the other interns - and they all agreed the guy is shitty at communication - so AT LEAST I'M NOT IMAGINING IT?

I don't think I'll regret it. I wasn't planning on staying in this position for another 18 months - HOPEFULLY I WILL GET A JOB JOB IN THE MEANTIME. <3


Having a little Michael Fassbender marathon.  Movies seen so far: Jane Eyre, X-Men First Class, Blood Creek, Fish Tank. 

Okay. Blood Creek. Reasons to watch. 5 mins of hot Fassbender. ZOMBIE HORSES. ZOMBIE HORSES ON FIRE.  It doesn't suck if Nazi horror movies are your thing. 

Fish Tank was an INTENSE movie. Like and there's lots of Fassbender hotness. Lots of it. There's also a really difficult story and a moral quagmire. BUT seriously, this movie kind of freaked me out. ONE PART IN PARTICULAR.  The protagonist is being chased by a pissed off Michael Fassbender (for completely justifiable reasons) BUT HE RUNS SO FAST. LIKE SO FAST.  SHE HAS A HEADSTART. He's in a car. He stops his car and freaking books it after her. And she runs pretty fast. BUT he's like UBER PISSED so he gets like a speed bonus. And it's terrifying.   It just makes me think of when you know you do something wrong, and somebody is going to retaliate and you get really scared and try to run away, but they just catch up because ---- AND IT"S SCARY. SO FAST!!

Movies left: Angel and Hunger. 

But I'm so busy this week so I don't know when I'm getting to those. 


I have two assignments at school and it's just inconvenient and awkward. Interview librarians. Tour their libraries, etc. And I just find it awkward. Why would people want me in their libraries? Why waste their time responding...

And then in a later assignment, we are supposed to ask these librarians, if they don't have library journals out, if we could take a look at their OWN PERSONAL LIBRARY JOURNALS. whaaaaaat.


Work was offering incentives to work more hours (because most of our workers are in college and thus were dealing with finals and studying, etc) and they are really good incentives so I usually try to take advantage of them. Usually I work 24 hours a week, but May 2nd to May 15th, I was working 36.5. AND SO I'm going to have a good paycheck on Wednesday, so that's going to be great, but man, typing six days a week just kills my wrists.  But this never deters me from doing the overtime BECAUSE THE INCENTIVES ARE AWESOME but next time I probably wont work on Saturday as well.

My parents went for a trip to Highlands and I was stuck "babysitting" my dog and younger sister. I love my dog an insane amount but she's a insecure stinky bitch and so unless you're like attached to the hip, she barks like an alarm going off. I basically avoided this however by staying with her the whole day, after I got off work. I watched HAMISH MACBETH, a WHOLE BUNCH OF HAMISH MACBETH, like 12 hours? (omg kiltssss) and just stayed with her the whole day. I even went to sleep on the couch, with the dog at about .2:30 and woke up at around 6:30. So I spent most of the day wiped, because I'm getting "old" and I just can't handle four hours of sleep very well..

Bonuses however, Hamish Macbeth. The next couple of work weeks are going to FLY BY because that's how time works sometimes, and more money, which is going to be good for the grad school in August. ALSO HAD TWO OF MY NEW DISCOVERY FAVORITE COFFEE EVER -- Honeysuckle Latte (which I was informed today is Honey and Vanilla) and it's AMAZHING and I got to get my fix -- three times this week. woot.

I Don't Want To Shake Your Hand ..

Nope. I absolutely HATE shaking hands. I sit at work typing, and when I see the QAs training new people through the window...and they shake hands because they don't know each other..and well...we're in a pseudo work environment so it's understandable. But I HATE IT.

We go to a restaurant and the proprietor is so nice and he likes us and he'll come out and talk and shake hands with everybody at the table and I shake his hand but I hate it.

It's not about germs. I mean the whole " you don't know how well they wash after using the toilet thing" is pretty gross, but it's not the thing that deters me.

I don't know why somebody extending their hand is so repulsive, but there's always a split second where I know they can tell that I'm reluctant to take it, and I guess I don't want people to feel my clammy hands? or feel their hands..and maybe there's an aspect of I DON'T KNOW YOU I DON'T REALLY WANT TO TOUCH YOU?!

I wish I could get away with a smile and a hand wave.


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